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Professional Portfolio

The last year for me has been focussed on launching and developing my portfolio career. I've put my heart and soul into several key projects: Rosie Alexandra, For The Soul, Connecting Generations and Evangeline which have led to the expansion and progression of both my creative and professional self. Find out more about each project stream below, or continue to my portfolio using the menu here...

Rosie Alexandra

My primary focus has been developing my solo artistry. I've been writing, gigging, releasing, writing some more and perhaps most importantly have made incredible connections! This year's highlights are: releasing my debut EP and supporting a childhood hero Guvna B on tour!

For The Soul

Another priority this year has been 'For The Soul'... The soul-jazz duo ready for any event. Music we love that’s good for your soul.

I launched this business as an extension of what we had already established. Packaging our talent and drive into an excellent, high standard, well advertised service. We've gigged A LOT! And made over £2,000 so far. 

Connecting Generations 

Alongside music based pursuits and studying, I'm a project manager for local charity Connecting Generations. Our primary aim is to reduce loneliness and isolation amongst the elderly and the vulnerable, but with COVID-19 disrupting usual business, we took to more creative virtual projects which included music. The music specifically went down a treat! 


Session singing for Rock-Indie-Pop artist and friend Evangeline has both challenged and enthused my love of harmony work and I've been able to harness my skill and technique as a backing vocalist both live and in the studio. Additionally, the same sense of singing in community and harmony training has been kept alive by being a core part of BSU gospel choir led by the amazing Jo Sercombe. We regularly rehearse and have done some brilliant shows. 

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