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'Rosie’s voice carries a love message with the soulful way she sings that also also acts as a balsam to relieve pain'

Less Than 1,000 Followers reviews, January 14th 2022

I'm absolutely thrilled to have just released the lead track for my upcoming debut EP 'Rosie Alexandra' which resembles the soft, acoustic tones of Daniel Ceasar's "Best Part' ft. H.E.R as well as the acoustic version of "On My Mind" by Jorja Smith & Preditah.

Dedicated to my sister and best friend, Lullaby is written for anyone who has endured more than they should have, or can’t see a way out from inside a painful relationship. Let your heart absorb it and your soul start dreaming of your true worth.

"I'm certain there are people who definitely need to hear her message out there. I’m glad to spread it."

Graeme Smith, York Calling

"It must be noted how gorgeous the overall soundscape is, with catchy-yet-mellow melodies throughout that flawlessly compliment the acoustic guitar of the track. Her soulful vocal quality is also an outstanding element that helps carry its message through its emotion."

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I'm Rosie Alexandra, a Brightonian at heart grounded in Soul, RnB and Gospel roots. I’m here to use my voice to bring about change by pouring my heart into every soul-full melody. My sound is Pop-Soul and goes back to ‘pop’ in its most natural form, drawing on sentimental ballad style and rich harmony from jazz, gospel and soul. My lifelong inspos are Yebba, Bill Withers, Adele, Stevie Wonder and Jorja Smith so harnessing power and rawness in both lyrics and tone is second nature to me. The influence I draw from the warm textures of Bill Withers and the raw honesty of Jorja Smith creates a beautiful, bold tenderness. My music encapsulates my strong mind with my passionately loving heart and each song is a fragment of my journey, that echoes the reflections of my soul.

"Rosie is a truly exciting, emerging artist who has something extra special tucked away within her, which piece by piece is slowly being shared with the world, arguably perhaps when the world needs it most."

- Purple Melon, Jan 2022


My music reveals something of all I have been through in my life so far, who it has made me today, and how it has made me see the world. When I began my songwriting journey I made the decision that my creativity would always come from a place of honesty, realness and authenticity and for many years I have loved the work of Yebba, who too has seen just how tough life can be. Her songs have sat with me, uplifted, encouraged and soothed me. Like her, I am distinctive in a tender and rich vocal sound as well as personal and vulnerable in nature. I am inspired to breathe lyrics that capture the feeling, connect authentically and hit deeply which is what I will be remembered for. I’m so excited to emerge from this challenging year stronger than ever to release my debut EP, bringing a message of life and hope on 18.02.22


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