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'With a touch of house swirling around a splash of pop, this track will lift your spirits.'

The Other Side Reviews, March 9th 2021

February 14th 2021 marked the release of 'Nowhere', a feature track with DJ/Producer Joe Boothroyd. This song came together through collaboration across all 3 COVID-19 lockdowns, and its feel-good house vibes have been enjoyed by many since. In the last month Nowhere has been aired on BBC Introducing, Radio Bath and BBC Bristol spreading positivity in anticipation of being back on the dance floor, beverage of choice in hand, feeling the bass pumping through once again. 

"[Rosie] Alexandra hits you with catchy vocals. Her drive to bring positive change bolsters the music to burn away the negativity many people feel right now as you move to his beats. Alexandra’s vocals call out over the beats to draw you into the heat of the moment. The catchiness of her performance meets the beats head-on while filling you with vocal dance vibes. There is a defiant edge to her vocals before you are hit with soulful tones when the music drops. The track really highlights what she has to offer as you are filled with vibrant dance vibes while also getting a boost of soulful tones." see full article 


I'm Rosie Alexandra, a Brightonian at heart grounded in Soul, RnB and Gospel roots. I’m here to use my voice to bring about change by pouring my heart into every soul-full melody. My sound is Pop-Soul and goes back to ‘pop’ in its most natural form, drawing on sentimental ballad style and rich harmony from jazz, gospel and soul. My lifelong inspos are Yebba, Bill Withers, Adele, Stevie Wonder and Jorja Smith so harnessing power and rawness in both lyrics and tone is second nature to me. The influence I draw from the warm textures of Bill Withers and the raw honesty of Jorja Smith creates a beautiful, bold tenderness. My music encapsulates my strong mind with my passionately loving heart and each song is a fragment of my journey, that echoes the reflections of my soul.


This year I was touched by the words of The Other Side reviews in response to the release of my debut feature track ‘Nowhere’: “There is a defiant edge to her vocals before you are hit with soulful tones when the music drops.” My music reveals something of all I have been through in my life so far, who it has made me today, and how it has made me see the world. When I began my songwriting journey I made the decision that my creativity would always come from a place of honesty, realness and authenticity and for many years I have loved the work of Yebba, who too has seen just how tough life can be. Her songs have sat with me, uplifted, encouraged and soothed me. Like her, I am distinctive in a tender and rich vocal sound as well as personal and vulnerable in nature. I am inspired to breathe lyrics that capture the feeling, connect authentically and hit deeply which is what I will be remembered for. I’m so excited to emerge from this challenging year stronger than ever to release my debut EP ‘Lullaby’, bringing a message of life and hope. 

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